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Welcome to the Theology of the Buddy Podcast, a podcast for Catholics who love Tradition and want more of it. This is episode 57. My name is Chris. Normally, there are at least a couple of people on the podcast, but today we’re trying something a little different. I’m going solo this time. I hope you don’t mind spending some time with me today.

A listener back in Season 1 asked us to do an episode on growing in devotion to the Person of God the Father. So this podcast is dedicated to Gem and her question. On this podcast, I’m going to share a part of my own story of coming to discover the Fathership of God in my own life, we’ll discuss a major roadblock that may stand in the way of building that relationship with the Father, and I’ll share some practical tips for ways that we can face that roadblock, and how we can grow in a deeper relationship with the person of God the Father. Full shownotes found on

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Lectio Divina:

(A Book on Lectio Divina for beginners) Into the Deep by Dan Burke - Currently $0 plus shipping and handling

Catholic Counselors:

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Next week, we are discussing the recent survey from Rome sent to the Bishops of the world by Rome about the topic of the Traditional Latin Mass. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can listen as soon as the episode is out! We’ll save you a seat at the table. New episodes are released every Wednesday, so until then, Stay TRADDDDDDDDY!

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