Welcome back to the Theology of the Buddy podcast - Episode 46! In this episode, we are joined by Billy Griffith of OK Catholics to discuss Trads, Trump, and the importance of intellectual honesty in political discourse. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, unaffiliated, etc, we need to be honest with regards to the shortcomings of those we are standing behind, and do our due diligence in researching those candidates we support. Pour yourself a drink and join us at the table. We’re glad to have you here! Full shownotes found on www.theologyofthebuddy.com

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Next week, we’re back on the Liturgical Breakdown train and discussing the Gloria (even in Lent *gasp*). Make sure you’re subscribed so you can listen as soon as the episode is out! We’ll save you a seat at the table. New episodes are released every Wednesday, so until then, Stay TRADDDDDDDDY!

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